Peer pressure and drugs: Definition, risk factors, and addiction

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  • Peer pressure and drugs: Definition, risk factors, and addiction
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Resisting peer pressure can involve avoiding it, saying no, and surrounding yourself with more positive influences. Young people may be more susceptible to peer pressure because their identities are still forming; they desire to fit in and not be bullied and have less risk aversion than adults. Once a child begins seeing themselves as a part of a community, the desire to fit in may occur for better or worse. This is why it is important to talk to your child early on about peer pressure and how to avoid being led into negative behaviors by their peers.

indirect peer pressure

Collective patterns of social diffusion are shaped by individual inertia and trend-seeking

  • Romantic partners also become increasingly important sources of influence over other forms of delinquent behavior (Haynie et al., 2005).
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  • Third, the participants in this study were only from tertiary hospitals in Shandong province, which could limit the generalizability of the findings to nurses from primary and secondary hospitals or other provinces in China.

Rising above peer pressure means not giving in to the pull of others to act in a certain way. No matter your age, you can practice not giving in to negative peer pressure and work on surrounding yourself with more positive influences. According to Brett Laursen, Ph.D., a fellow of the American Psychological Association whose work focuses on the outcome of children’s interactions with peers and parents, peer influence can occur anytime one peer is more “influential” than the other. Many adults are susceptible to drinking too much because their friends are doing it, or putting work before family because they’re competing with other people in their office for a promotion.

  • Politely decline invitations that involve the temptation to cross your boundaries.
  • A recent study replicated the inverted U‐shaped developmental trend found with perceptual conformity tasks; again, the greatest response shift occurred in early adolescence (Large et al., 2019).
  • Ever found yourself doing something just because your friends are doing it?
  • The people pressuring others feel the need to exert control and have them conform to their version of reality, while those affected may give into pressures based on their own lack of self-worth and self-esteem.
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The Influence of Friends

A 2018 study explored the role of sex differences in peer pressure to smoke. It found that while both boys and girls experienced peer pressure, friends’ delinquent behavior influenced girls more than boys. Additionally, girls were more likely to select friends based on shared smoking status. Peers play an important role in many people’s lives, especially in late childhood and adolescence when young people attempt to become more independent, gain acceptance, and build an identity. Peer pressure refers to the fact that peers can pressure one another to engage in certain behaviors — both positive and negative.

What is Peer Pressure and How Does It Affect Recovery?

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indirect peer pressure

Can it lead to substance use disorders?