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Инструменты Для Трейдеров И Инвесторов Investing Com

В их числе валютные пары, CFD на акции, сырье, криптовалюты, ETF и фондовые индексы, особенности которых мы кратко рассмотрим ниже. Учитывая количество валютных пар, доступных для торговли, расчет волатильности лучше оставить специальному сервису. Типичный калькулятор или индикатор волатильности форекс берет историческую информацию о валютном курсе и определяет волатильность каждой валютной пары в режиме реального времени.

What is The C Programming Language? A Tutorial for Beginners

The strcpy() function copies original_string into destination_string, including the null terminator (‘\0’). To copy one string into another one, you can use the strcpy() function. However, you may want to use character arrays when you want to modify the string’s content. Creating strings with string literals is easier, as you don’t need to add the

Understanding Drug Use and Addiction DrugFacts National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA

Since the U.S. surgeon general’s 2023 advisory on social media and teen mental health, public concern has skyrocketed around adolescents’ digital lives. Major news organizations and even state governments have pinned social media apps as addictive, dangerous, and the cause of the youth mental health crisis. In turn, calls to ban teens from social media

Trading Book Review: William O’Neill’s How to Make Money in Stocks

In the latest revision, this best-selling author covers the economic effects of the COVID-19 epidemic and how investors and taxpayers fared during the Trump administration and others prior. With knowledge and wit, Tobias takes readers through the basics of investment vehicles—stocks, bonds (savings, municipal, corporate, convertible, zero-coupon), mutual funds, U.S. Treasury bills, exchange-traded funds (ETFs),