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  • MVC Experienced Interview Questions and Answers
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It is safe to say that certificates don’t necessarily prove anything. Many great developers don’t have any as they don’t see any value in them. Others, who may not have a lot of commercial experience, will try to “boost” their market position by taking a certification exam. Obviously, one can say that having a certificate is better than not having any, but recruiters should remember that it is rather a “nice to have” than a requirement.

  • You have lots of ground to cover in your prep, including everything from the basics to the more advanced concepts.
  • Check this following table to know these return types, which inherit from the base Action Result class.
  • If a URL returns from the partial view and gets invoked from the address bar, an incomplete page is displayed with a missing title, style sheets, and script.
  • The .NET framework has three primary components, including Common Language Runtime, ASP.NET, and Framework classes.
  • Not only that, updating an application from .NET to .NET Core could be hard or even impossible for technological and/or financial reasons.
  • Their answer may also touch on the transitive nature of inheritance — for example, the Ford class inherits from Car, which inherits from Vehicle.

In ASP.NET MVC there are three ways to pass/store data between the controllers and views. This request object is sent to “MvcHandler” instance to create the controller class instance. Once the controller class object is created it calls the “Execute” method of the controller class.

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Let’s see an actual scenario, in one of my projects I had a requirement to validate an email address, whetehr it already exists in the database. Remote validation was useful for that; without posting all the data we can validate only the email address supplied by the user. Then the controller actions can query the ModelState to discover whether the request is valid and react accordingly. Action methods on controllers return JsonResult (JavaScript Object Notation result) that can be used in an AJAX application. The JSON result object that serializes the specified object to JSON format.

AutoValidateAntiforgeryToken in ASP.NET Core MVC is an attribute applied to controllers or actions, ensuring that antiforgery tokens are validated automatically for HTTP POST requests. It helps protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks by requiring a unique token generated by the server and included in forms submitted by the client. Duy has 20+ years of software development experience using Microsoft’s technology stack, primarily with .NET. He builds high-quality and high-performance back-end systems and creates web applications with good UX using modern frameworks like Angular or React. Duy’s proactive and results-oriented with a love of not only writing but also removing code to ensure efficient, stable, and flexible software is delivered within the projected scope and budget.

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The sample questions (and answers) below are a good starting point and should serve as a good gauge of whether an applicant grasps the basic concepts. They’re somewhat generic, which is why a more specific approach involving existing team members is favored. There are hundreds of questions you could ask to determine a job candidate’s fit for an ASP.NET related position.

If you’ve encountered a situation like this on a past project, be sure to discuss that and how you managed the issue. This can show your prospective employer that you have experience handling these types of real-world problems. The .NET framework is used to build, run, and deploy applications on Windows and the web. And if you’re pursuing a role that uses it — like a Software Developer, Front-end Developer, or .NET Developer — you’ll be asked a series of .NET questions during your technical interview.

What is MVC?

To configure WebHostBuilder, use the CreateDefaultBuilder method, which provides default settings for app configuration, logging, and Kestrel server. For customization, chain extension methods like UseStartup, ConfigureAppConfiguration, or ConfigureLogging. When a user submits a form, the server checks if the received token matches the one stored on the server-side. If they don’t match or the token is missing, the request is rejected, preventing unauthorized actions from being executed using the victim’s credentials. In modern applications, DI helps maintain clean architecture by separating concerns and enabling modularity. It facilitates easy swapping of implementations for different environments or during testing.

  • The Order property has an integer value and it specifies the priority from 1 to any positive integer value.
  • When it comes to development, familiarity with cloud platforms like Azure and AWS is increasingly important as more companies opt for cloud-based solutions.
  • System.Web.Mvc is the namespace which contains the classes used by the MVC application.
  • These are the three vital components of representing the shape of the data and the business logic behind it.
  • Furthermore, it boasts exceptional performance, improved security features, and seamless integration with popular client-side frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue.js.
  • For example, in one of our previous examples, the UserController class contained methods UserAdd, UserDelete, etc.

For insight into the top interview questions and best practices, today’s dev leaders use to hire the best candidates, check out our expert roundup on the top ASP.NET interview questions. Read this post to find out about the 9 most important performance tools your team needs to succeed. And, if you’re looking for an application monitoring solution, Retrace, Stackify’s APM solution, has you covered. Use a custom route and attributes on action methods to restrict HTTP methods.